Sunday, May 3, 2009


So, it's not exactly Friday, but finals are coming up. Give me a break.

Friday (4/24/09)
Ran around getting food and party stuff for Madi's B
irthday Extravaganza. Helped my uncle unload the tables and chairs we rented for the backyard. Hubby got tickets to opening night of "The Lion King." Great show! I wish Madi would have been old enough to go, but we will make sure we take him when he's older. In hindsight, I dunno if it was such a good idea to go the night before the party, but we live and we learn. 

Saturday (4/25/09)
The day of the party is here! Got a late start, Lion King hangover. Pretty windy, cloudy, so my outdoor plans were ruined. Moved it inside and it still turned out great. Madi was a little fussy at first, but he loves being the center of attention so his mood changed quickly. Hubby convinced my mom to cook, so everyone was excited about that. My castle cake came out FANTASTIC! Did I mention this party was probably more about me than him, but he enjoyed it too. 

Sunday (4/26/09)
Exhausted! Just plain exhausted. I won't have another party like this at my house again. Especially if I have to rely on my husband to help clean up. Finals studying is on the homestretch...

Monday (4/27/09)
Hang out with Madi, head to marriage counseling, lunch with mom, study, study, study.

Tuesday (4/28/09)
Wake up early. Make some dinner for later. Head to the law school library. Study, study, class, study.

Wednesday (4/29/09)
Class at 8. No class at 9, so used that time to work on "reflection papers." Found out we get to use an outline for American Legal History (thank GOD, that was only reason I took that damn class). Then grabbed some food and headed home to study...

Thursday (4/30/09)
Same schedule, add wills & trusts. LAST DAY OF CLASS! Had to dress up for this DAMN Awards Ceremony. Packed some jeans to change into, then headed to the library. Law school is still filled with STUPID, IMMATURE people. Got home late, had to be satisfied with kissing my sleeping Madi.

Friday (5/1/09)
No class!!! Went to the office and holed myself up in the "cave." Studied there for a while, then came home to study. "Bringing home a visitor." Thanks for the heads up, scramble to clean up the shit he said he would clean up from Saturday.  Met hubby's "stepsister" for the first time. SMH. He heads out to "happy hour" and other random BS. Can you tell I am a little irritated? He always finds a weekend of unnecessary BS to be involved in right before something MAJOR is going on in my life. Whatever. Counseled a fellow new mom and sufferer of husband's ignorance. Oh, to commiserate. 

Saturday (5/2/09)
Woke up late. Got some studying done. Got ready for hubby's friend's wedding. Hair is acting crazy, maybe because I haven't really been combing it, but in any event, the curl pattern is gone from the ends. May have to cut. Struggle with hair, finally leave. Wedding was interesting. Glad we got married in our living room,, Got home late. Study for a few hours, head to bed.

Gotta go. At this very moment, Madi is banging on the door of the room I'm studying in yelling "Mooooooooooooommmmmmmmm!!!!!" He never does this to his father. Welcome to motherhood.

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