Monday, December 27, 2010

Hide the china...

Christmas was an overall great day. Madi woke up and asked me "Is it Christmas? Did Santa come? Are my presents here?" He was very excited. Everytime he opened a gift he said "Thank you, Santa," which kind of irritated me, but I know he's only two and I probably shouldn't steal his Christmas magic. But I'm not into Santa. At all.

My husband decided that he wanted to cook Christmas dinner and cook Christmas dinner he did. He grilled a turkey and it was the best turkey I've ever had. Seriously. He also made greens, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, and dressing. Everything else was good, but he's got to work on that dressing. I was very proud of him for taking the initiative and diving head first into a big meal. Especially since he's probably cooked dinner 10 times since we've been together.

We celebrated our third anniversary last week. Time flies. I think we're starting a tradition because for the third year in a row we went to dinner at a steakhouse and then went Christmas shopping for our son. It was nice to treat him (since this is the first year I've worked full-time since we've been married) and spend time together. I still love him. And I like him too which is nice.

Last week was full of events for our family. We found out that we're be welcoming another little boy to our family! We're naming him after my husband's grandfather and my stepfather. I'll be surrounded by Y chromosomes. Hide the china.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

My First Born Son...

Dear Son,

I want to write this letter so I can remember you at this age. I'm sorry that I didn't do a very good job of keeping up with your baby book. Mommy was pretty busy the first two and a half years of your life. But you are such an amazing kid. Every day you surprise me. I know that every mother thinks that their kid is the smartest kid ever, but you really amaze me. Everyone thinks you've been here before and I'm starting to believe them.

1. You have been potty trained since before your 2nd birthday. We can thank your great-Granny for that with a little help from Mommy and Daddy.

2. You have been able to sing your ABC's since then, too. This summer, while Mommy was studying for the bar, you learned to count to 20, and have been able to recognize letters A-J for a few months.

3. You are very sweet and a little manipulative. You immediately say "Sorry" when you've been caught doing something or when you know you'll eventually get caught. But you don't say sorry because you really feel bad for doing it. You say it to try to head off the potential discipline.

4. You also offer lots of kisses and hugs and tell us you love us when you think you might be about to get into trouble.

5. When you get in trouble anyway, you're sure to tell us "I'm mad at you! I'm too mad!" Or you'll call us by our first names.

6. You also call us by our first names to be cheeky or to antagonize us. This trait you got honest, because your great grandfather and his entire family are antagonistic. This includes your father.

7. You wake up talking. You literally open your eyes and start a full-blown conversation.

8. You are a morning person. Mommy is not. Sorry those conversations weren't much like dialogue.

9. You can dress the bottom half of yourself, though some things are inside out or backwards.

10. You know the full names of all of your aunts and grandparents.

11. You know where all of your Dad's aunts and uncles live. And they live EVERYWHERE but here.

12. You have pretty decent coordination. You love to "play soccer, basketball, and baseball."

13. You are my music child. You sing to everything (even when you don't know the words). You dance to everything from Earth, Wind, and Fire, to Cee-Lo, to TV commercials. You have a piano with a microphone that you drag in front of the TV when "Jack's Big Music Show" is on and you "perform" with the show.

14. You like Drake's "Better Find Your Lovin" and some Sean Kingston song your aunts introduced you to that goes "No-tee, no-tee, no-tee..." I dunno.

15. Your aunts also think it's hilarious to teach you to do dances they learn in videos. So you know how to "Flex," among other things.

Lots more to add. Lots more to do AWAY from the computer. I love you my first born son.