Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Sitting in the parking lot of McDonald's trying to think of good places to go so I can cry.

I really hate saying that because I don't like the idea of writing a blog that's all woe-is-me, super emo, but hell. I need to put this out in the universe and FB and Twitter just aren't the places for me to do that.

Nothing is really wrong. Just tired is all. Overwhelmed and know that this feeling won't let up until after the bar at the very least. But I need a break now. I feel like I've been going full-speed for three years and I try to stay upbeat and positive but this is really wearing me down. I've needed to cry (I believe crying is cathartic) for weeks, maybe months but I'm too damn tired to do it. Just don't have the energy.

It seems like one thing after another - Convention, Grandpa's illness and eventual passing, finals, stressing about job uncertainty, excited about job offer, graduation, bar prep, starting new job...

That on top of struggling to juggle husband, baby, and ME! Most times "me" gets dropped, lol. That's really not funny. But that's life.