Monday, May 18, 2009


I think I am getting worse. It's almost Tuesday for christsake! Blame it on the finals... and the finals recovery...

Saturday (5/9/09)
Spent the ENTIRE day studying. Hubby took Madi out and they hung out until his bedtime. Really appreciated that. He also got all of the Mother's Day gift's I neglected to get. It's really not my fault that I didn't remember it was Mother's Day until Thursday. 

Sunday (5/10/09)
Mother's Day!! Slept in. Hubby and Madi gave me a very thoughtful gift - dress clothes! It was EXACTLY what I wanted (no sarcasm). The boys picked out some nice stuff. Also got a nice plant (I killed the last one, I guess he has faith in me). My brother-in-law sent me a mother's day card. SO SWEET! I love him. We got up, got dressed, tried to catch brunch, but we were moving too slow. Stopped at the mall, got some more stuff. Headed to my grandmother's for lunch. Always enjoy myself over there. Kind of disappointed with my siblings. I leave the house and suddenly, mom gets no love on Mother's Day. Really ticked me off. Oh well. Hubby, Madi & I took care of her. Hung out for a while then on to dinner. Dinner was great except for the interruption for a conference call. Overall, a perfect day.

Monday (5/11/09)
Woke up in the morniiiiiiiinnnn.... Does anyone else laugh at those ridiculously long, ridiculously flat notes in Soulja Boy's, Turn My Swag On. 

Hung out with Madi for the rest of the week. Did some heavy cleaning. Caught my breath.

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  1. Those notes crack me up too. Iw ish you would make your blog accessible so I can sign in with just my name and URL please. uhhh.