Saturday, May 9, 2009


Once again, I have neglected to update on a Friday, but hey. I'm still in finals and I'm only one day behind. Cut me some slack.

Sunday (5/3/09)
Tried to get some studying done. Unsuccessfully. Had a NBLSA conference call. 

Monday (5/4/09)
More studying. No counseling today, I'm so tired.

Tuesday (5/5/09) 
Wills & Trusts! Got up at 6:30 a.m. to do some quick review before my 9:00 a.m. test. Walked around looking for my exam room. Realized my exam was at 2:00 p.m. Tried to find the silver lining by doing some extra studying at the law school until my exam started. Got home, exhausted. The final was fair, but it beasted me. Meant to check the rest of my exams, but too tired. Besides, I just KNEW my second final was on Thursday and it was American Legal History. A day of memorization should do the trick.

Wednesday (5/6/09)
Woke up, played with Madi. Nkem took my cars keys accidentally (How do you do that? They look NOTHING like your keys) No matter. Brought them back and we headed to Granny's. Sat there for a while, exhausted. Got my ass up and headed to the office to lock myself up and "memorize." Check the exam schedule. 

American Legal History - 2:00 p.m. WEDNESDAY!!!

WTF?!?!?! Yell "Oh my fucking god." Alert the entire office. Run downstairs to my car. Drive to Norman. Try to read and drive, unsuccessfully, so use the opportunity to SOB the entire time. Wipe my face as I exit, so as to avoid any unnecessary time-wasting by having to fix my face in the parking lot. Park, run inside and plant myself at a table. Put on headphones (don't mess with me), and furiously type the one-page outline we're allowed for the essay. How was the exam? Don't know, don't ask.

Thursday (5/7/09)
Still recovering. Dad came by last night to do a "welfare check." I know I sobbed, but damn Mom, did I really need a welfare check. I love my dad, told me not to be down. "You're juggling a lot of balls, and sometimes, one of them will drop. But you are doing wonderful." I love him. Hubby was great too. Completely supportive, not even an "I told you so." Even though he told me to check my exam schedule after the Wills and Trusts mishap. I love him, too. And of course, Madi loves his mommy no matter what she forgets - as long as I don't forget him. The men in my life are great. Had lunch with Mom, that was nice (as always). My support system really holds me up.

Friday (5/8/09)
Visit from my HS friend! Love her. Commiserated about law school and the people there. She's a bit luckier than I am. Have you noticed there has been absolutely no mention of studying? That's because there hasn't been any. *sigh* When will I learn? On another note, I found my old Xanga page. Interesting...

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  1. I remember your old Xanga page! That's when I realized that everyone could write well except for me. Talk about bittersweet! I think I deleted my Xanga. It was just way too much mess to keep up with. However, I did stumble across my old Blackplanet page a couple months ago... talk about a dead horse. I couldn't believe that site still existed. It is like sending a message on a pigeon's leg compared to social stalking machines like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.

    I would now like to take some time out to say that you are like superwoman. I cannot imagine completing all this studying and multitasking outlined in your Flashback Friday. Not to mention doing all that with a BABBBBBYYY!

    FYI, Regina had her baby on Monday, May 11th...possibly? It was Monday - whatever the date.

    Love you!