Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It Was Fate

My husband e-mailed me this picture with the e-mail titled "Us."

I laughed. We are nearly the same height, and when I wear heels, well, there's a difference. We're not this bad though.

It was a picture from an article at MSN titled "Secrets of Happy Couples in 100 Words or Less."
So, you know what I did next.

"Honey, what's our secret?"

His response: "We haven't stabbed one another (although I'm sure that you have been VERY close)."

Ha, ha. So funny. But, me being me, I press on for an answer. I even include the format of the article (so he can't get it wrong). I had to stop and ask myself a question:

Why do we do this?

Why do we, women, ask questions like this. Maybe not all women do this, but I certainly do. I know that most people want honesty in their relationships, but are there some questions we just shouldn't ask? Or, if we do ask them, are we allowed to be upset if the honest answer is not something you expected or wanted to hear?

My answer is a RESOUNDING YES! Ha, ha.

No, but seriously, and this is probably not the best example of questions that maybe we just shouldn't ask ("Do I look fat, honey?" is probably better), but I wonder what it is about women, or me that wants my husband to, essentially, be someone he's not or put himself in a lose-lose situation if he's honest. Because my husband is not very sensitive or romantic. He is, however, honest and a problem solver - two characteristics that don't always bode well.

CUE: Me laying on the floor of our closet on a pile of clothes sobbing about none of them fitting and cursing genetics for slowing my metabolism. His response: Well, maybe you could try eating healthier and waking up at 5 a.m. to workout (ignore the improbability of me EVER being anywhere but my bed at 5 a.m.). After 20 minutes he finally said, "Oh, honey, I think you're beautiful and slim. Give me a hug."

Get my point? So, why do we do this? It's kind of unfair to them and it can certainly be cruel to ourselves.

He hasn't e-mailed back yet, so maybe I'll e-mail first him and say "Nevermind. I love you."

*Update* I sent the never mind line. But he responded anyway. His response:

"It was fate."

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