Monday, December 27, 2010

Hide the china...

Christmas was an overall great day. Madi woke up and asked me "Is it Christmas? Did Santa come? Are my presents here?" He was very excited. Everytime he opened a gift he said "Thank you, Santa," which kind of irritated me, but I know he's only two and I probably shouldn't steal his Christmas magic. But I'm not into Santa. At all.

My husband decided that he wanted to cook Christmas dinner and cook Christmas dinner he did. He grilled a turkey and it was the best turkey I've ever had. Seriously. He also made greens, sweet potatoes, mac and cheese, and dressing. Everything else was good, but he's got to work on that dressing. I was very proud of him for taking the initiative and diving head first into a big meal. Especially since he's probably cooked dinner 10 times since we've been together.

We celebrated our third anniversary last week. Time flies. I think we're starting a tradition because for the third year in a row we went to dinner at a steakhouse and then went Christmas shopping for our son. It was nice to treat him (since this is the first year I've worked full-time since we've been married) and spend time together. I still love him. And I like him too which is nice.

Last week was full of events for our family. We found out that we're be welcoming another little boy to our family! We're naming him after my husband's grandfather and my stepfather. I'll be surrounded by Y chromosomes. Hide the china.

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