Tuesday, December 29, 2009

30. Be More Positive...

Inspired by The Young Mommy Life...

30 Things Before I Turn 30...

1. Be well-established in my career
2. Go on a honeymoon (I was 5 months preggo when we got married, so that was out)
3. Start an annual trip with my girlfriends.
4. See my BFF at least once a year.
5. Go to the gym regularly.
6. Start having regular appointments for hair, nails and maintenance.
7. Get a concealed carry license.
8. Actually have the weekly dates my husband and I schedule.
9. Spend more time with my fellow "mommy friends."
10. Have the rest of the kids I'm going to have.
11. Spend more time on "me."
12. Read more books.
13. Read more Supreme Court cases.
14. Try more creative recipes.
15. Take a cooking class.
16. Get plastic surgery!
17. Take my son on more mommy-son outings.
18. Plan a huge anniversary party!
19. Entertain more.
20. Read the Bible, Qu'ran, and the Torah.
21. Talk to my friends regularly and more frequent.
22. Run for public office.
23. Be more open-minded... and nicer.
24. Makeover my wardrobe.
25. Do more community service.
26. Train for and complete a marathon.
27. Get a new car.
28. Get a bigger house.
29. Start a real estate investment company.
30. Be more positive.


  1. You've got a lot of great goals on here! I'm a big concealed carry fan too. Best of luck in achieving your goals.

  2. I love your #16! I told my friend for our 30th birthdays, she could get a breast reduction and I could get LASIK! LOL. Great list!

  3. I'm offering a BOGO special on plastic surgery. Just a lil FYI.